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    operating under the authorization of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority


Send money quickly and easily, whether within the European Union or around the world.


Transfer your money and convert it to another currency at a favorable exchange rate.

Our Mission

Since 2011 we have been involved with great success in optimisation of companies in the area of financial markets and corporate banking. Our mission is to educate and to make the pursuing of business easier for our Clients. We enable enterprises to make their way in the world of financial instruments, such as forward contracts, currency options, interest rate and commodity swaps and also contracts for differences. Thanks to us, SME companies can efficiently transfer currencies around the world, we also help undertakings to minimize foreign exchange exposure, making international trade easier, safer and more profitable.

Individual approach

We tailor our approach to the needs of your company and work with you to optimize solutions.

Superior Outcomes

You’ll find we add real value to every company we work with.

Team of Professionals

Our experts have a combined 60 years of experience in the market.

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Put your money on the right course

Meet our team

    Rafał Paluszkiewicz

    / President

    Many years of experience in the banking and finance sector of Poland and Europe. He has served as a dealer and head of corporate dealing desk at Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank in London and Bank Pekao S.A. and BGŻ S.A. in Warsaw and is a graduate of SGH, CEMS MIM and College of Europe.

    Dominik Lipiec

    / Vice President

    Over 10 years’ experience in international financial institutions. He has worked as a specialist at Raiffeisen Bank, Rabobank, Saxo Bank, and HSBC and is a contributor to the globalTRANSFERS platform for international online currency exchange.

    Pablo Dominguez

    / Product Manager

    A seasoned professional in business customer service, market analysis, project management, foreign trade and as an AML specialist. Pablo is a graduate of the University of Wales, where he majored in International Economy.

    Michał Cudny

    / Director of Treasury Products

    Between 2002 and 2006 Michał served at Apsys, where he hedged currency and interest rates risk for such projects as the Manufaktura arts center, shopping mall, and leisure complex in Łódź and for the Platan mall in Zabrze. He has also managed ING Bank Śląski S.A.’s currency portfolio of Central and Eastern European countries and Russia. From 2009 to 2012 Michał worked for ING Bank NV.

    Przemysław Bondyra

    / Banking operations

    Responsible for managing banking operations and customer contacts in technical matters relating to foreign exchange transactions. Degreed in computer science with econometrics, Przemysław participated in creating the globalTRANSFERS –platform for international online currency exchange.

Our services

Financial Optimization

Maximize the value and minimize the cost of loans, interest rates, currencies, deposits and investment funds.

  • Acquisition Financing
  • Risk management
  • Product Selection
  • Client Cooperation
  • Mediation

Money Transfers and Currency Exchange

Exchange currencies quickly and at a good rate and transfer the funds to any country worldwide at no additional charge.

  • Preferred Interbank Rate
  • Immediate Replacement
  • Signed Framework
  • Agreement without additional costs
  • Transactions By Phone